Why We Need Customer Service Training

Why We Need Customer Service Training


Shaun Parker

For all of the things that the Americans have got wrong (fast food, voting in George W. Bush, racial intolerance and scary religious sects) they have one thing that beats us British hands down. That is the level of customer service that you receive in every single client facing business in the United States. Whether it be in a restaurant, in a retail outlet or in an office situation the Americans always treat you well. It really puts the surly kid behind the counter in Tesco to shame. Sadly in the UK it has got so bad that we don’t even complain anymore.


The British people have such low expectations from the people that they hand over their money to that there are thousands of businesses that get away with terrible service and still turn a massive profit. It wouldn’t happen in America because the people are more likely to vote with their feet. However it has to be said that the companies that do value the levels of customer service that they offer and make strides to offer a good level of customer service are invariably rewarded with an increased number of customers that are loyal.

Service with a smile does not cost more and the benefits are incredible so if you want to improve the level of service you offer and subsequently increase the number of customers that use your business then get your staff trained in customer service.

It is a common misconception that people believe that people are either good at working with customers or they are not. Although on the face of it some people are naturally better at conversing with customers it is definitely a skill that can be improved with training and everyone is capable if improving their customer service skills. Customer services training takes a practical approach and will improve anyone’s level of customer skills regardless of how quiet they are. All of the skills that you need to converse well with clients can be taught and as a result customer services training can be an extremely beneficial type of training to send your staff on.

Meeting the needs of your clients is the single most important aspect of business and those businesses that manage to do this effectively invariably have more customers, retain their customers and ultimately make more money. Training is at the core of making this a success and training providers are well versed in teaching your staff how to meet the needs of the customer. Most of these training providers will deliver training that is specific to the needs of the organisation. This means that instead of delivering a stale course that deals with customer service in a generic manner they offer training that is directly focussed to the needs of your team. This can be an incredibly effective method of training as it will directly address your needs and the results of this can be impressive.

Another common misconception is that the training will be boring. The reality is that customer service training is a very upbeat and realistic training schedule that aims to cut out the management speak and teach real, tangible skills. The atmosphere at these events is usually really good with trainers making the training as enjoyable as possible. The atmosphere encourages active styles of learning so that your staff are not going to be sat behind a desk all day.

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