A Guide To Decorate Your Kitchen With The Curtains

By Richard Dinae

One of the most popular and best ways to dress a window is by using kitchen curtains. These kitchen curtains come in different styles as well as colors that can suit anyones kitchen. You can select from the most basic to the most intricately decorated kitchen curtain. If you want to, you can also use a tier for more privacy. For a lighter almost airy look, go for a lace curtain. If you are not familiar on what window treatment you should choose, then take note of the kitchen curtains descriptions below.

Lets start with panels. A panel is a kitchen curtain that hangs from the top of a window down to the windows sill or even lower. These are sold and can be used individually. You also have the options to hang it with another panel. They come in various fabrics such as crushed, printed, sheer solids, lace, solid fabric and embroidered. These can also be used behind drapes leading to more privacy and an elegant finish.


On the other hand, tiers are ruffled or tailored window treatments that are usually hung in the middle of the windows down to the windows sill. Commonly used with a swag or a valance and is also known as a privacy tier or caf. Sets as a window treatment come in pairs made up of left and right panels. These sets are in 2 to 5 pieces that includes a tieback, valance or a panel.

Swag is a 3pc-set window treatment found at the top. This has a rod pocket with curved shape on the interior and a straight side on the exterior. Other window treatments are toppers and valances which are located at the top of the windows and are made in different shapes as well as styles. You can use it individually as a kitchen curtain or can be used with a tier, panel or another hard window treatment.

A scarf is a single piece fabric that is commonly draped at the top of a window and loosely hangs on the sides. This can be placed with other panels or used individually. It measures 144 to 216 inches in length. Another type of window curtain is the drape. This is a heavy fabric which is hung from the top of a window down to the window sill below. A drape can be bought in pairs and are several types namely, tab top, pole top, or pinch pleat. This window treatment also has different backings like lined back, open back and thermal back.

Knowing all these window treatments, you should at least have some idea about the type of window curtain you should purchase. Remember kitchen curtains come in different styles, colors and fabric; you just need to match the appropriate curtain to the kitchen window and setting. The next step is finding out where to buy the kitchen curtains. If you want a hassle-free delivery of your curtain windows, the best way to go should be to look for online curtain window shops.

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