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Web Design and Development Delhi


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Now days, everyone has been trying to put down their views and ideas about the latest web design and development trends. Here in this article, we are going to analyze and describe some of the most simple and effective web design principles.


1. Light and simple design – Unless it is highly significant, try to make less use of scripting language and flash animations. Try to make it simple and user friendly. Do not use them for more functional aspects of your websites like for site menus. The most important information demanded is the content. Scripting and animations might take more time to download and may not get showed on certain browsers and platforms. In fact, flashy and animated websites usually are harder to fetch more traffic from search engines as they are tough to index. The search engine spiders look out for texts and keywords while indexing and with too much scripts and animations, may be you just leave search engines confused about your website. 2. Make use of proper and complementing colors – Some of the website designs and colors render extreme pain to the eyes and make navigation more difficult, uneasy and unpleasant. Never place light colored information on much dark colored background. The background color must be light, so that it is easy to read and understand. The color combination should be complementing and pleasant to look at. The font size of the text should be appropriate and such that it makes the content easy to read. 3. Easy to navigate – Make design of your website that is easy to navigate and search. Try to make the design from the user’s point of view. The web pages should be easy to navigate and access by all users. Keep off flash, script or images away from your navigation bar. Make simple, effective and attractive navigational bars like from CSS. 4. Make use of CSS – Allowing you to represent web content in one dimensional and running fashion mode, CSS makes it extremely simple and easy to design your website. Because of varied CSS layout definitions, the text designed from CSS would definitely appear in a more pleasurable and attractive layout. In addition, CSS designed websites are easy to navigate, faster to download and provides your web design a consistent and appealing look, especially when accessed from varied browsers. 5. Make use of PHP – As compared to HTML and CSS designed websites, PHP sites load slowly. Although, PHP designed websites are ideal and best for blogs, e-commerce websites and community websites. Also perfect for sites where you want to gather information of your visitors or getting comments or feedbacks, PHP web design sites are highly effective and fruitful. 6. Last but not least, with a great and well designed website, you can attract more and more customers. More the customers would be attracted to your website; it can generate more sales of your business and hence the more growth, success and development.

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