The 1 2 3 Forex Trading Method

THE 1-2-3 forex trading METHOD



THE 1-2-3 method has existed in technical analysis for quite some time,


but unfortunately many traders dont know how to use it the right way. The system is based on this technique, but only in combination with 2 other indicators. This combination is the key to getting outstanding results in trading. If you use it correctly! You will be able to pick up the bottoms and tops and ride the market trends on any timeframe, if you will follow the rules of the system 100%. So, what other indicators do we need to approach trading according to the SpartanFX system? A) HEIKIN ASHI CANDLES B) EXPONENTIAL MOVING AVERAGE CROSSOVERS After analyzing our trades with these indicators, we look at a NEWS CALENDAR to make sure that we dont execute a trade close to an important political or economic announcement. You must be thinking at this time that it is too simple to be true, but believe me it really is! You just have to get used to it and practice it as often as you can until this strategy becomes a habit. After understanding the basics you must believe in yourself and always focus on your success and nothing else. I highly recommend that you first use a Demo-account and only start trading real money after you perfectly understand the system and double the money on your practice (demo) account. Dont trade if you are tired or in bad psychological condition. Before you turn on your PC you have to make sure that you are focused and your mindset is on the right frequency for trading. You should always know that small losses are part of the game, and that should never interfere with your decisions when good signals come up. Dont waste your thought on fear and greed. Just try to focus on the trading system rules. Do that day by day and you will see how easy trading can be in the end. Lets start with the basics How do we identify and use the 1-2-3 method the right way! You surely have noticed that price never really moves in a straight line during a trend. Price will take a breather and retrace often before it reaches a top on an up trend or a bottom on a down trend. The first sign of a trend change appears when the market creates a lower low and a lower high, after a previous high in an uptrend; or a higher high, and a higher low, after a previous low in a down trend. It is much easier to understand the details if you practice on live charts in the real market environment of course. We have many classes, and live trading courses in order to help you with your personal trading success. For more details please check out our live trading room at If you have questions, please feel free to contact us using our contact form on the homepage. See you soon!

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