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Submitted by: Mike Petronis

Every online business owner dreams of better rankings in the search engines and in the current competitive business environment Search Engine Optimization is the way to go. Reaching your targeted audience can be achieved by using an effective Ohio search engine optimization company. Creating a cool looking and well-designed website with attractive features won t help you to fetch the desired traffic to your website. Whether your website is ecommerce enabled and designed to sell products or simply an informative guide to your business offering, directing qualified traffic to the site is key.

Pleeko uses the right blend of marketing techniques to take your business to the next level. No SEO Company has the specific algorithms or special sauce that Google and Bing use to rank sites, but some have real world experience achieving good solid rankings on the SERPS (FYI…Pleeko is one of them!). It can be effectively achieved by one-way link building through article submissions, blog commenting, forum posting, directory listings and many others link-building techniques. You can also build a successful SEO campaign by targeting the keywords searchers are most likely to search on, within your content, meta data, page titles, etc… SEO does not happen overnight and depending upon the targeted keywords, it may take few weeks to several months.

To climb in the rankings, there are several factors that must be considered:

1. On page optimization


The perfect use of keywords, meta-tags, keyword density page-titles and content is considered to be the best technique to optimize a webpage. With extensive research, you can find the appropriate keywords that are best suited for your website. A keyword rich website would be the most contributing factor to get a higher search engine ranking. To earn a higher rank, moderate densities of keywords are necessary and would help in increasing the visibility of the website. But be careful, keyword stuffing or the palcement of too many keywords is not good.

2. Off page optimization

This is equally important as the on page techniques. It includes social bookmarking, blog posting, directory submissions, press releases, article writing and many other link building techniques that drive the desired audience to the website.

To get the desired results from your website, it is necessary to make it SEO friendly. Websites are ranked and graded by the SERPS according to the frequency with which other relevant sites link to them. If you have more relevent site linking to you, with anchor text for the keyword you are seeking to rank for, generally speaking, this is good in the eyes of Google and Bing.

You can do this on your own. You don’t need me. Nor do you need to pay an SEO consultant 10-times what i am charging for my service. However, you need to do extensive research, ensure you know what you are doing, have proper systems in place to continually monitor and enhance what you’ve done, and if that isn’t enough, more! that is just the beginning.

I like to describe it as the following: you can certainly do the taxes for your business if you have the time to dedicate to it. My guess is most of you small business owners don’t do your own taxes. You’ve hired a specialist who is really, really good at business taxes. Because you’ve recognized that by having the right person do that job, it will get done better in a more efficient manner and pay for itself many times over in the long run.

Search engine Optimization is the same. Don’t fumble around wasting time trying to learn SEO. Hire a competent SEO Company to handle it for you. And don’t overpay for it. We have the software in place to effiently do what needs to be done both on-site and off-site, so that you can achieve good rankings. Isn’t that great! Call Pleeko today.

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