Nike Dunks And Nike Sb Dunks Make Sports Life More Colorful

Nike Dunks and Nike SB Dunks Make Sports Life More Colorful



Nike Dunks are shoes made by Nike Company which enjoy the worldwide reputation. Nike sports shoes are famous for their designs originated from sports ideas. In 1985; Nike Dunks were introduced into the market for the first time. At that time, people treated these shoes as the fraternal twin of the Nike Terminators. These shoes appeared in various colors as well as sizes and in styles of Hi-Top and Low-Top when they were first introduced into the market and all these could satisfy different needs of many Universities and Colleges. Then Nike Dunks came into the market for the second time with some changes to them in 1998. This makes Nike Dunks not only a kind of basketball shoes but a symbol of fashion, style and sub-cultural icon.


In comparison with the parent shoes, the profile outer sole of Nike Dunks is relatively low. Then the weight of these shoes may be light but still they will give the wearers much power to stay close to the ground. The paneling in these shoes can also be a vital assistant to basketball players during their performance in quick moves like pivoting and blocking. There is a unique program named College Colors program, and this program chose Nike Dunks as its represent. In order to make a sponsorship deal for Nike Dunks, together with some famous college basketball teams as well as their coaches, Nike Company signs a contact. This agreement requires that each pair of Nike Dunks should be in accordance with the uniforms of these teams. Nike Dunks were re-introduced in 1998 and this time they came not only in the University colors but in new ones which were not based on team requirements. In addition, the same model in opposite colors were also released. All the above Nike Dunks for this time were designed with Nylon tongues and arch supports. Nike Dunks have gained more and more popularity and they also become more and more fashionable since the re-introduction. Then the demand of Nike Dunks grows, to meet this requirement, more and more Nike Dunks have to be manufactured. At the very start, Nike Company released Nike Dunks to satisfy basketball players, while in fact, nowadays, increasingly skateboarders show much love to these shoes too. With the low profile sole endowed to Nike Dunks, considerable stability can be guaranteed to the wearers. While in the sport of skateboarding, it is also indispensable to keep stable, thus skateboarders can also improve their performances with these shoes on feet. Thus subsequently Nike Company introduced shoes aimed at skateboarding under name of Nike SB Dunks. Shoes of this type are designed with Nike\’s own Zoom Air insole and an extra padded puffy tongue which can create great cushiony effect. Today, for Nike Dunks collectors from all corners of the world; Nike SB Dunks are absolutely popular ones.


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