Fellowes Shredder: A Cut And Above}

Fellowes Shredder: A Cut and Above


Gareth Newfawn

Identity theft is getting to be a common crime nowadays and people are vulnerable because documents such as bills, tax documents, and credit card and bank account statements make up a good proportion of household trash or end up in recycling centers. If you are concerned about this issue, then there is a great solution that you will find in Fellowes shredders.

Set apart from other paper shredders on the market, Fellowes has already been tested for durability, high shredding capacity and maximum security. You can choose from the different shredder units ranging from desktop units, suited for individual and home office use, all the way up to heavy duty commercial shredding stations, for larger company use. Fellowes shredders also meet government specifications for protection of confidential information and prevention of identity theft.


Aside from all your paper documents that are useful for identity thieves, plastic materials such as expired IDs, credit cards, CDs and DVDs may even be more valuable because the information they contain usually have much more impact. Youll be surprised to find that the Fellowes shredder will also take care of the destruction of these materials as well! Fellowes shredders now cut paper, plastic and metal down to 1/5 inch pieces! You dont even have to remove staples and paper clips from the piles of statements and documents you intend to shred. The Fellowes shredder can also handle these small pieces of metal and plastic and shred them as well!

In a test amongst 17 shredders, the Fellowes shredder has even earned a Best Buy Designation. Most consumers like the Fellowes shredder models because they are durable, able to do cross-cut shredding of documents, and shred paper from between 3 seconds (for deskside shredders) to 8 seconds (for commercial sized shredders). Fellowes shredders also come with large, easy to handle containers for shredded paper. Ranging from 4.75 gallon (for deskside shredders) to 16 gallon (for commercial shredders), these waste baskets also have a clever little indicator that will tell you when the basket is full and needs to be emptied.

Did you know that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the 4th Amendment does not prevent warrantless search of garbage that is left outside for collection? Household trash may reveal precious personal information about you that anyone can get a hold of. A Fellowes shredder will take care of the proper destruction and disposal of confidential papers that contain sensitive data about your life.

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Fellowes Shredder: A Cut and Above}