Brighten Up The Office With Plants From Superplants

Brighten up the office with plants from Superplants


Robin Paul.

The company, which is based in the south of England, distributes plants around the south for businesses, corporate events and private functions. Their impressive client list includes Harrods, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London s Hyde Park and the Cabinet Office.

They are passionate about finding the right display for the right location, and offer a free survey and quote service to help customers make the most of the space they have. They mainly supply bright, attractive plants that are not commonly seen in the UK, such as guzmania, sansevieria and roebelenii, with an

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service for those that only want the effect for a short while. As well as providing permanent plants for workspaces, the company also supplies real and fake plants for short-term rental, making them suitable for events, film sets and exhibitions. These are constructed in advance and taken down afterwards, making them a perfect, classy accompaniment to any event. In terms of


fake plants

, the company supplies palm trees, topiary and even fruit, with a fire-retardant range available.

As a secondary service, Superplants stocks a diverse range of plant containers, veering from the elegant to the funky, contemporary to traditional to give your workplace a decorative finishing touch – the right container can dominate the room in a positive way, while the wrong one can look tacky and have a negative effect, so choose carefully. Superplants also provides a full aftercare service, should you require it, once your plant has been installed, with a member of their dedicated and professional team visiting your workplace at least once every two weeks to prune, re-compost and check for any problems that might affect the plant s health. If you have large grounds or lawns that need maintaining, the company can also perform this service, with turf laying, planting of flowerbeds and water features all areas of their expertise.

As a company dealing in the sale and rental of plants, Superplants has a strong connection to the welfare of the environment, and takes a number of measures in order to offset their carbon footprint and that of their clients, including recycling, the reduction of energy consumption and the planting of a tree at their nursery site for every long-term deal they clinch.

Whatever you need to brighten up your office and create a professional, modern feel, Superplants can supply it, whether it is for the long-term or short-term. They do all the work so you don t have to, making it one easy, stress-free step from dreary to uplifting.

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