Bayern Munich With Bayern Shirts Have A Shot For The First Time Until The 36th Minute

Bayern Munich with Bayern Shirts have a shot for the first time until the 36th minute



Bundesliga 22nd round beginning 1 rivalry, Bayern Munich team 0:0 vice leader of Freiburg im Breisgau, ranking fell to 3rd place. In the first game, Dortmund team with

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defeated bailinheta 1:0, obtaining 5 consecutive victories and 16 rounds undefeated, ahead of Bayern Munich 4 minutes. Menxing away 2:1 force captured Kaiserslautern more than Bayern Munich 1 rose to second; Leverkusen Home 4:1 win Augsburg; Bremen team 3:1 WINS Hamburg; Cologne, Nuremberg arena 2:1 WINS. Team with the most goals in the Bundesliga this season at home against the ball up to the team. 2:0 defeated haiyinkesi the upper whorl Kaiser portfolio. Neuer 100 consecutive Bundesliga first, against Wolves on March 13, 2008 Chark reduced sickness benefit after World War II, Neuer absent about 1 minutes Bundesliga matches, one continuous 100 first Bundesliga player with


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is on Bayern Munich but on the bench. In the battle for the first time this season, Munich, Freiburg im Breisgau 0:7 fiasco, against Bayern Munich 12 season, last beat Bayern Munich back in March 1996. 1 first Shtraikh replaced, replace Loum Rosenthal. After the opening, there is no burden of Freiburg played a proactive, Bayern lost control of the midfield and the attack of threat to organizations. 8 minutes, lost after ball down Riberg DIA Nirvana, gets. 12 minutes, until delisheke zhichuan, Caligiuri under Beck, the end of crossing, Arabba Wulong dangerous, flying before shoveling out the bottom line. 15 minutes, Caligiuri break ball, delayed delisheke plunge into a restricted zone shoot out near the door on the left column. 25 minutes, Flum road break even two people, shooting is blocking out the bottom line by older Boateng 11 metres in front, right out of the corner Solger, Angelo Santini in front of 8 metres following partial out the door on the right column. 28 minutes, Freiburg im Breisgau free kick to create chaos again, Angelo Santini bottom line back to knock the ball on the right side, the older Boateng rescue is not a closed area, makiadi in front of 13 m choushe the RAM seal.

Bayern Munich with

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have a shot for the first time until the 36th minute, Rafinha long shots out near the door pillar. 43 minutes, Riberg left crossing, M ller from 12 metres to soar after angle were worked out by Baumann jinjiao. This is Bayern only two first half knock at the door. 47 minutes, cross out of the corner to the left, badesitubo sphere-rub a trip-post. 1 minutes later, Caligiuri flick-on header, Rosenthal in front 14-metre volley fire was Neuer confiscated, Bayern then counterattack, Riberg left precision into a restricted area, Robben understand tacitly over the Defender, in from 8 meters to the left left foot tuishe Baumann near gate posts! Riberg active fell over Solger was sentenced to eat yellow fake wrestling. 52 minutes, Robben support M ller pass, contact with Schmidt fell to the right area. But the referee did not break, showed Schmidt kicked to the slow mirror Robben. 56 minutes, Gustavo left foot long shots on the left corner. 63 minutes, Freiburg im Breisgau free kicks and tactical coordination, 27 metres in front of Solger choushe being frozen out of the left door pillar where delisheke left out of the corner, heading on the left door pillar Rosenthal. Rosenthal Riberg with

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foul eat the yellow card. 71 minutes, M ller under left side knocked back by the end of the closed area, 12 meters in front of Arjen Robben in the low left foot shot was blocked. Gomez was Ivica olic replaced. 84 minutes, Caligiuri breakthrough in Lamu on the left the closed area from 9 meters left foot angle was Neuer jinjiao.

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