Affordable Home Improvement Tips

Submitted by: Bill McCowen

We all want to make improvements and upgrades to our home, but it’s not always financially possible. Major renovations cost major money, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start with minor repairs. A few small touch ups can go a long way to making a noticeable difference in your home.

By starting small with affordable projects, you can work toward improving your home while simultaneously saving money for any needed larger renovations. So, keep reading for some great tips on how to fix up your house while minimizing your costs.

1. Start with the Entrance

Your porch and entranceway are the first things a guest sees when he approaches and enters your home. This is where a subtle great impression can be made, and you don’t want to lose the opportunity. So, start there.

Fix up the lawn with a few new plants, clean the driveway and get rid of any debris outside. From there, move on to the porch. If you have room, include some plants that need minimal care but simultaneously spruce up the appearance.


If your deck is old and tired looking, give it some new life with an inexpensive coat of paint and a few minor repairs. Next, give the front door a fresh new color and a splash of sparkle with a decorative wreath or a new knocker.

2. Paint with Light Colors

Not only does painting freshen and brighten a room, but painting with light or pastel colors will make it feel bigger. So, if you can’t afford to put a new addition on the house, create the illusion of space by clearing out some of the clutter and throwing up a new coat of light paint.

If this is not one of your better skills, take the time to position masking tape along any edges where you don’t want paint show afterward. Leave it on for a day before carefully removing it.

3. Clean

It sounds simple, but a thorough cleaning and a rigorous de-cluttering can go a long way in revamping a home. For the cost of cleaning supplies and a few hours of manpower, you can spruce up the appearance of your house.

Rent a carpet cleaner, wash your curtains, clean the windows inside and out, donate your junk, take your garbage to the dump and just tackle all those little repair jobs that have been piling up. You’ll be amazed by the difference that a good weekend of solid cleaning really makes.

If you’ve been building up a lifetime of junk in your home, consider renting a large bin from a trash service company and take a weekend to fill it with stuff you haven’t used or looked at in years.

4. Get Creative

Look to magazines or design programs for inspiration and start getting creative. If you’re a handy person, try refinishing that old table to give it a new look or install new hardware to update your cupboards.

Remember, creativity and elbow grease shouldn’t cost you a dime. With the right work attitude, anybody can afford to improve their home. So, get started today.

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